We offer several different Web Design Plans here at Underwater Web Design.
Our most common plan is the New Site New You package. Which includes a Fully Designed Site. A new URL and 12 Service hours. All for $800 (Payment plans available)

Service hours are time blocks you can purchase for updates made to your site. There is not a limit on service hours you can buy. (Most updates take only around 15 minutes) The more purchased at a time the greater the discount taken off of your order. We run all of our Credit Card transaction through PayPal with no fee to you. Email us to see a sample invoice.

To view pricing on other plans or check to see which plan is best for you use our Contact Us page to email our Pricing and Design team. Not all sites and budgets work with one of the plans listed. We do ask that you contact us so we can work out the best plan possible for you. 

Other plans include:
  • 10 Hour Updates
  • New site & 5 Hour Updates
  • New Site Pay as You Go Updates